Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Let's Mark a full stop for year 2008! =D


How you celebrate your new year eve? I should be studying at home. but I woke up very late and went brunch with mum. after that didnt do much revision and went out with mum. and... I just came back from dinner.. wasted whole day of revision time =(

Me, mum, aunty christine, quah, billy and another aunty went to Seremban Era Square's La Esquina restaurant for dinner. suggested by me. It is a Spanish Restaurant.
some photos taken by me. the interior is dark... so my pics.. are also dark.

this is the menu. i LOVE this pic. because it's simple.. and it looks vy classic.
the interior...

soup of the day

garlic chillie bread?


chillie mussel. one of the Tapas... check here for what's tapas.

well... the food is just ok. but the atmosphere is not bad. Quah said that the food is not enough for him. and he had a glass of margarita. and ciao so early without eating his ice-cream. =___=

and not forgetting to thanks somone for being so nice to bring me these chocs from langkawi! thanks alot alot...

i love SS's latest post. I thought my 2008 is just normal before reading her post. but after reading it. my 2008 is indeed a very happening year too! I knew so many new people in this year. will make a post of my 2008 soon. *inspired by ss* hehehe.

Wish everyone who reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Szeshee said...

very 38 eh u!

irene said...

yoh...jack daniel's

reddishTea said...

hehe yeah. jack daniel's!

happy new year to three of my lovely darlingsss! jan is not here ...but wish her too. haha.

Gideon Yoong said...

wah chocolate!!
thanks yin tse.. must lemme try some Lol.
and oh, happy new year

hueyMay said...

then i should say i m here too?lol

reddishTea said...

Gideon: hello sem sem, my name is yintse lar. haha. happy new year to u too *giv u some chocs*

Jan: hehehe... u said.. =) happy new year. muaakz