Sunday, 14 December 2008

Happy Birthday to Miss Lim =)

On 11th Dec, my housemate, shaynee's birthday. but we had Electronics 2 midterm on that night and Digital Logic Design paper on the previous day so we sort of not enough time to prepare for her. i think about 2 weeks ago, we started to plan and discussed. someone came to cyber jaya to give her a surprise. hehe... and as our plan.. the person brought her out so we hav time to prepare at home.

we prepared alot balloons to welcome her back. and of course, all of us wrote wishes on the balloons.

ta-da! haha. and we non-stop throwing balloons at her when she came in. hehe.
ming hann and xiao hao bought secret recipe cake for her. and chillie bought the special candles. which hardly blow off 1.

see... proved. 9 special candles. she took approx 5 minutes to blow them off. XD
and as tradition, sure will play this game. haha. shaynee, this photo proved who pushed ur head!! hehe. the black shirt guy is chillie. =P
Lastly, Happy Birthday to Miss Lim Shaynee! wish you all the best and stay young and pretty always. =) and dun be so naughty. she's smart. although we didnt plan much, but she knew something goin on that night. uhh. =.= our surprise plan gone. :( or we're too lame in planning? but at least, she didn't expect got balloons. haha! =p


-EdwiN- said...

oh snap, tat splat on d face gotta hurt her real bad

tZeLih said...

sorry my bad xP

btw I SAW ME !! weee~

reddishTea said...

yeah... thats why i dowan upload the "after" hehehe

u know that huh? XD