Sunday, 28 December 2008

Maglev Train, ShangHai

as i mentioned in the previous post. i will bring you to somewhere. yeaa.. u can know from title of this post. That's Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid or 上海磁浮示范运营线.. It is a form of rail transport that works using magnetic levitation.

According to wikipedia,
The line runs from Longyang Road station in Pudong, on the Shanghai subway line 2 to Pudong International Airport. The journey takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the distance of 30 km. A train can reach 350 km/h (220 mph) in 2 minutes, with the maximum normal operation speed of 431 km/h (268 mph) reached thereafter.

I was so excited bout this Maglev train few weeks before I get the chance to feel the speed of 431km/h .. been mumbling non stop during the journey =p aha! sorrrrry to someone. hehe.

a one-way ticket cost RMB50, but you can get RMB40 if you flash your receipt of airline ticket to the receptionists.. cheap huh? someone told me that it's soooo much cheaper than Japan's bullet train.

this pic taken from wikipedia as well. because that time we were in a rush, so didnt get to take much pics of Maglev Train.
pictures below taken with my camera.

this is the ticket for you to board Maglev Train. It is operated by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd.
the seats

you can see how fast it goes while sitting. I started taking pic from 215km/h.


and it reaches 405km/h! excited~

and yeah! 430km/h, i didnt take the 431km/h one. hehe.

i quickly snapped this and went down to the escalator already. =X

and last. the very-not-enough-sleep me in the Maglev. =D

After 7 minutes ++, we reached Long Yang Road Station and took a cab to Tian Lin Road. =) weather was ok for the first day.


Szeshee said...

finally the post about ur shanghai trip! nice 1

kanki said...

har so cheap!?
u noe how much from paris to geneva by their so-called high speed train?

Szeshee said...

noone knows. XD

nee said...

hahahha nice trip huh =p

i oso wan to seat maglev.. somebody voice spinning in my head

Harmony said...

wa... u know in singapore,

400km, u can reach the other end in less than 10 mins.

reddishTea said...

ss: yea, finally the first one

kanki: duno woh, how much?

nee: hahahaha.. no more spinning

harmony: haha.. last time read sth about bullet train from KL-SG in the newspaper.. but now like no news ady? lol. btw, first time seeing u here. thanks for visiting! =)

Chee Wei said...

wahhh so fast!!! nice nice!! if there is a top seat i'll take that!
In Paris there is this double decker train but what i mean by top deck is without roof one :P

reddishTea said...

waa... u wanna try sitting on a rooftop with the speed of 431km/hr? it's adventurous man!!

Paris.. sigh. i've been seeing this word for so many days dy... my bro just back from there.

Sandra Pixie said...

nice one... :) cant wait to see more!

I took that similiar train too.. but mine was a Bullet train from Hangzhou to Shanghai! damn fast!!!!

reddishTea said...

Sandra: hehe, will upload more after my finals. hehe. yeah... very fast!! i went Hangzhou by bus =( and it was so slow... aprrox 2 hours.