Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Facon Education Fair

Worked at the Facon Education Fair last weekend. Helping out at Education at Ireland booth. Thanks to Chee Tat and I get to work at edu fair! after brief by Mr Ck on friday, i realized that study at Ireland is really attractive! The tuition fees are comparable with the famous private universities in Malaysia. If you want to know more about the details or you wish to further studies at overseas, you could contact Mr CK or visit their website here. :) On that day we were helping two universities which are Dundalk Institution of Technology and Griffith College. Google them now to know more about them! :)

Where we worked?we worked at KLCC. the hall where you guys always visit during PC Fair. I didn't been to PC fair before and it was my first time to step into that hall. no joke.

I wore heels on my first day and it non-stop torturing me for more than 8 hours. X_X glad that the blisters are better now. I can't forget that i wore xm's shoes to walk from convention hall to klcc entrance and chee tat & sue jiun helped me to buy the bathroom sandals from watson and I walked around in KLCC with that! People looked at me with weird expression but that time i only care about my feet! Anyway, I had much fun working with them! :D

Didn't get to take picture with Mr CK as he was very busy running up and down. with the DKIT and Griffith College representatives.

Closer shot
Do not ever choose the wrong course and university! like me. Best of luck!

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The hall is a large area, so it gets tiring walking to the entrance.