Saturday, 19 March 2011

Tailoring in Phuket

For men: if you ever go to Phuket, please get yourself a custom made tuxedo/suit back. Tailoring seems very popular in Phuket. You can see the tailoring business is growing like mushroom in the town, tailor shops are like everywhere! If you want good quality suit, make sure you don't just walk into any tailor shop and get yourself measured by them. Choose a good one. We went to Peach Tailor on our first day. We got to know Peach Tailor from Bodega staff. Their service is very good, after bodega staff helped us to call Peach Tailor, Mr Jaroon(the tailor)'s wife came to Bodega and picked us up then headed to their shop. It's actually Mr and Mrs Jaroon's shop which the husband does tailoring and alterations while the wife doing dry cleaning.

Their family portrait. Eldest son's name is Peach and second son is Mark. Peach Tailor is named upon the eldest son. Mr and Mrs Jaroon are very friendly and you can ask them anything, from tailoring to interesting places in phuket. They wouldn't mind.

Their shop. several big dry cleaning machines inside

as you can see from the card below. we supply the finest garments tailored from high quality fabric of Italian and british origin. yes, the fabric that they are using are all very good quality! and another yes! your satisfaction is guaranteed. if cutting is not right, they'll alter until it's perfect for you :)

Mr Jaroon explaining and showing the fabric from Italy.

ta-da. eng siang with his new suit and Mr Jaroon on right. satisfaction is guaranteed. haha

For women: evening gowns and dresses are available for custom made too! :D

They have website too! here you go.

P/S: if you want to go for this, it's better to go on your first day of your trip. or 3 - 4 days before you leave.

Choose the right tailor ;)

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