Wednesday, 16 March 2011

KiKi by Fong Lye @KLCC

Tried Fong Lye at The Gardens twice but not KiKi. The name of the shop reminds me of Kiki Lala, the children apparels. KiKi is located at KLCC. Both Fong Lye and Kiki always so pack during the lunch and dinner hours.

The interior and the furniture are same with Fong Lye.

Trying to cut down drinking cold drinks so ordered the rose and oolong tea :)

The appetizer - Sweet potato balls. For me, it is nice because it is not too sweet. This is a must to order if you visit KiKi or Fong Lye.

Sweet & Sour fish served with rice

Ginger onion beef

Didn't order any desserts this time. Try their desserts if you pay a visit! It is nice and worthy. For me, the main course is just so so. I only like their sweet potato balls and desserts.

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Nice pictures. I love the lala with basil leaves there!

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